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'You Are All Invited' Photo Exhibit

"An exhibition initiated by the Penang Monthly Meetup for Artists and Art Enthusiasts hosted by Madhvee Deb and Ju Underwood

This exhibition is inspired by the idea of breaking down the psychological barriers that prevent many people from engaging with art. The basic premise is that anyone can be an artist. It is a move to dispense with the elitism often associated with the art world, and to make it accessible to all."

-Penang Monthly Meetup

Under Pink Skies: Oia



Yet unafraid.

Inspired of the taste

Of something new.



Come undone. 

The ball of yarn

Unravels down the stairs.


I’ve held on too long. 

The blood from my knuckles

Trickles down,

Absorbing into my dreams. 


The dreams that blinded me.

A shade so dark

I lost myself. 


But the taste, 

The taste of letting go 

Lingers on my tongue

And leaves behind a

Foreign sweetness. 


A taste of freedom.

Finding in the winding

Cities inside myself;

An evolving identity.


One that can put 

An unexpected smile

On the deepest holes

Of my soul. 


Gabriela Garza-Lainez, 2019


Under Pink Skies: Seattle 


Have you ever 

Held a heart of glass?

Beautiful arrays of light

Shine through. 

Fragile and naive.


What happens when 

A simple mistake 

Makes your hands sweat

Of mistrust? 


Shards of a relationship

Taunt you. 

Outspread across the floor, 

Hurting the feet of loved ones

Trying to get you out. 


Grabbing and gluing,

Falling apart, 

Bloody fingers, 

Wet mascara

Staining your cheeks. 


Each shard a memory

A window into the past. 

Finally swept up 

And tossed into a bin, 

Uncluttering your space 

And washing your hands.


You visit that same bin

And peer inside

Expecting to find something new,




Broken shards stare back

Where you believe

A pure glass heart 

Should wait to be held again. 


Gabriela Garza-Lainez, 2019


Under Pink Skies: Salt Lake City


Holding hands


In the sweet scent 

Of newfound love. 


A playground to explore. 


We look up into the sky

Seeing paper cut outs:


Couples holding hands,

Endless laughter,

And iron wrought smiles. 


Promising fantasies 

Made in the movies.

Forging a life

Not meant to be.


What we confused 

For love


Into newfound pain. 



I look up again. 


I could sink into these

Beautiful clouds 

And never feel pain again.




Gabriela Garza-Lainez, 2019 

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