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Exposición fotográfica 'Mira más de cerca'

"La primera exposición individual de la fotógrafa emergente Gabriela Garza-Lainez.
Originario de Estados Unidos con herencia mixta hispana, este joven fotógrafo ha tomado retratos íntimos en todo el mundo y los combina con poesía en esta exposición".

-Little Art House Studios



Have you heard the story of the bamboo?
One plants the seed and waits,
Waiting up to three years before anything appears.

What’s under the surface?
The growth, the rooting, the confidence.

A little sprout peeks
Her head above the soil.

It’s most vulnerable,

But not weak.
An exposed heart

Yearning to be held.

To love others,
Sprinkles of time shared.

But to love oneself,
Is the greatest strength of all.



When a brother is a friend.
Two jump ropes, Skip in sync.

Ladybugs and dinosaurs,

The sensitive find strength.

The cold
Warm their hearts in the fire

Alejandro possesses.

He sees and knows what others don’t

He holds my hand when others won’t

I remember asking over and over again,

For a warrior to combat the dark.
Only one dared to step up,
And he hasn’t lost his spark.

000028 2.JPG


A pupusa sits alone
In the kitchen of many thoughts.

Dreams kept under wraps
As leftovers in the fridge.


Deeper than water,
Lighter than air,
A treasure box,
of compassion.

The way you cared
Was as powerful
As the eye of the storm.

Sharing your world

Through your crystal eyes

Of wander and disarray.

You inspired courage

To not follow the sheep,

But come out a tiger.

r001-026 2.jpg


A content bubble
Floats gently on my nose.

A soft pop
Leaves happiness behind.

But resilient.

With a closed door.

Few are lucky to see

Behind the invisible wall.

And learn the truth

Behind this content bubble.


Laying gently
In a different realm,
Lies the soul of my grandma

Whose love continues to grow.

Memories of laughter
And shopping trips,
You lit up an adventure

With chocolates and treats.

Forgiving nature,

Endless hugs.
You were always patient

To receive back our love.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 12.55.08


Mixed and digested,
Recluse and strayed,
Victor was there,
then he was not.

Inside our soul, was a little thread

We continued to pull to find the end.

A friendship of a deeper kind

That one finds in a box,
Of wool and buttons

Forgotten but never lost.


Embraced even when chastised.

Love that doesn’t see boundaries.

A third eye that understands
The core of what she’s holding.

Her eyes cry for you.
Her shoulders hold weight
Of the thousand cinder blocks

That drag down your heart.

A mother’s love
Cannot be expressed on paper.

Only felt
Through the touch of her words.



You wrapped the strings around my heart, And pushed me off the pier.
Heavy as rocks
Dragged to the ocean’s bottom.

Your kiss was poison,

Your words could rot.
Your arms were my prison,

I was tied in your knot.

If I could do it over
And forget the pain,
I wouldn’t push the button

To make you go away.

What you taught me
Can’t be learned in a book.

The strength I built now

Gives love a new look.

My Stranger, Maria

Each and every day,

We wander the streets.

Each face we pass,
A distant afterthought.

The faces record themselves

Into our minds,
Come out to play
In our dreams late at night.

I don’t know Maria
Is that even her name?
But she has her own journey

Like you and me.

r001-020 copy.jpg


Old zoos. New loves.

Nicholas was my cigarette
That burned out too soon.

Our final drag was one to remember
As his escape twirled into the night sky.

Bitten by mystery,
Elusive to the roles we play.
Nicholas stepped to the beat of his own drum, And showed me a new way.


One brick, two brick, three brick,

Forming the path
Of logic and reason.

A passion that inspires,

Others to follow.

A plane that soars
Up above.
Carrying its passengers,

The people you love.



Ignites furiously around.

Echoing sounds of strength,

Can be heard aloud.

Kindness wrapped with power

Surrounds what she can arrange.

Excuses that want to enter

Exit the same way they came.

Never underestimate,
A Mexican that’s out for change.


Remember that day?
The day I chose not to stay.

Wine drunk
And alone in my thoughts.

A confidant you became
To alarm me of my dismay.

My mind was whirling
But you held me down to say:

“Remember what you want,

Don’t let others sway.
Whats really deep inside you

Your purpose for each day.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 12.54.22


Whenever I see your face
I go back to the day we met.

Our eyes were magnets

Waiting to reconnect.

An unforeseen relationship blossomed Lotuses coming to life.
Quick kisses at work
Staying up late at night.

Infatuation lost its lustre

Feelings were never said.

Throats carry shoes
As voices gone, into the wind.


Strength wrapped up in a bow
Bright red as the heart that beats below.

Your smile brought me shivers,
And your laughter shook my soul.

A cool summer breeze,
Calm allure.
Meeting you has left me sparked,

I’ll never forget your demeanour.


My Parents

Falling backwards
In a spiral of my own making;

Hands reach out.
Soft pillows.

Judgement, guilt, regret

Crowd my mind.
My parents see through that,

And help me unwind.

To be able to talk freely

Is a gift few can give.

Nurturing my voice,

Reminds me how to live.


A creator
Of webbed lies,
The fortress
Held strong
Of the wandering spider.

Secrets only known

Behind closed doors.

Keeps outsiders
In the cold unknown.

Intentions are lost,

Miscommunication alight.

When Miguel chimes in,

I’ll never know who’s right.



A wrecking ball of confidence

Lights the path.
Words of strength
Soften blows in half.

Jennifer doesn’t wear a mask
Of pretend or theatre.
A lioness does not cower
But harness the power of a leader.


Australian made,
Charisma flows.
Freedom from the temporary,

Desire of something more.

Meeting the world,
Wise naive eyes.
Opening doors of opportunity,

While closing the creaking window.

La Exposición en el espacio Little Art House
Día de inauguración de la exposición
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